The Ultimate Guide of Funded Trading Programs

The global community has access to investment and trading opportunities in the financial market. Starting a trading account with real money is one of them. It’s essential for young adults to think about multiple sources of income. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to morph into a  Fundedtrader at The Talented Trader. As a retail trader, with your run of the mill brokerage, you need a lot of money to make a lot of money. With Prop Firms, you only risk the challenge fees you pay to have access to our funding. At The Talented Trader, we have the best funded trader programs. TTT has three types of models with varying account sizes respectively. To become a funded trader, and have access to over $600K in funding with each model type, you’d have to pass our verification phase (either one step, two-step), or if you choose our instant funding model, you’re already a funded trader.

What is a funded trader?

A funded trading account is a proprietary account that lets a qualified person trade for its company. As we collect data on your trading strategies, we have different models in the way we verify you as a trader. At the talented trader, we’re looking for the most consistent and successful traders. A financial institution trades with its capital in a proprietary trading account. You will use the firm’s capital to develop its financial transactions as a funded trader.

Funded trading programs: how do they function?

With Funded Trading accounts, individual traders can use prop firms to trade large portfolios of up to $600K in exchange for a share of the profits. The idea is that individual traders can improve their financial situation by leveraging access to larger sums of capital and making more money with profit splits than they could while trading their own capital. A two-step challenge account of a $200K account at Talented Trader costs individual traders just $999, whereas the instant funding model has a max account size of $64K and only costs traders $3199. These prices are unbeatable within the prop firm industry! The team at The Talented Trader finally has the chance to democratise the access to trading large sums of capital to retail traders globally.

What is the process for funding a trading account?

The road to becoming a funded trader with the best funded trader programs is as easy as selecting a prop firm funding model type and account size, buying an account, adhering to the risk management rules (daily drawdown and maximum drawdown), and finally passing the verification stage. The verification stage differs for each model type:

  • One Step Challenge : Only one verification phase with a 10% profit target
  • Two Step Challenge or No Limit Challenge: Two verification phases, with first phase profit target of 8% and second phase profit target of 5%.
  • Instant Funding Challenge: No verification Phase, but withdrawal profit target at 6% for first withdrawal, and 3% profit target for second withdrawal onwards.

Once traders pass this verification phase, they will officially be a funded trader at The Talented Trader.

What makes The Talented Trader the Best funded Trading Program?

The Reputation that our CEO Archie Cade has built to democratise different prop firm models to traders access to capital worldwide with one of the best support staff available on discord, Live Chat on website, or via email gives our traders the ability to focus on generating consistently profitable trading strategies, while we focus on bringing you more instruments to trade with better live trading conditions, no slippages, and all in all best prices within the industry! A $64K instant funding account can be managed by you for just $3199 and a $200K no limit challenge (two-step) can be managed by you for just $999.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Watch a lot of educational content on YouTube, some of the best trading models that are consistently profitable can be found here:

The internet is your friend, so try out different models and risk management strategies and see what model fits your trading personality. The optimum risk to reward ratio for most traders is 1:2.2 and the account risk per trader that profitable prop firm traders follow are 0.5%-2% per trade.

If you had to invest and loose a $200,000 with a traditional brokerage or risk only $999 to manage a $200,000 Portfolio. Then the choice is a no-brainer in your journey as a funded trader. If you’re looking for the smarter choice then The Talented Trader is here to take your trading journey to the next level.

You’re trading account will automatically be breached if your exceed our drawdown rules. But you only stand to lose the challenge fees you paid while purchasing an account. For instance, if you breach a No limit Challenge of $200,000 by exceeding either 4% daily or 10% on the overall account size in drawdown, then you only stand to lose $999.

If you have multiple prop firm accounts with The Talented Trader you can certainly use a copy trader! But please check with support team on our website or over discord to ensure the platform you use is compatible with the our brokerages.