Trade Like A Pro And Earn A New Passive Income: Prop Trading Firms

The Talented Trader is a prop trading firm offering individuals virtual trading accounts in exchange for a challenge fee for every prop firm trader worldwide. The three types of prop firm models offered by The Talented Trader are: one step model, two step model and instant funding model. Each model consists different portfolio rules to become a fully funded trader: verification stage profit targets, daily drawdowns, and maximum drawdowns. Trading prop firms like the talented trader has advantages over trading your own funds with a traditional brokerage. A prop trader will only risk their challenge fees to manage a large portfolio, for instance $200K portfolio with The Talented Trader is only $999. With a traditional brokerage, you risk losing the value you decide to trade or invest with! This can be as little as $1000 or a $1 Million. Hence, Prop trading can be a crucial benefactory to your passive income!

The Talented Trader: Prop Firm Trader Challenge Rules to get Virtual Funded Account

  1. Two Step Model: First Phase virtual profit target – 8%, Second Phase virtual profit target – 5%, Daily drawdown – 4%, Maximum Drawdown – 10%, Profit Split up to 80%
  2. One Step Model: Single phase Profit Target – 10%, Daily Drawdown – 4%, Maximum Drawdown – 8%, Profit Split up to 80%
  3. Instant Funding Models: Withdrawal Profit Target 6%, no daily drawdown, Max Static Drawdown 6%, Profit Split up to 70%

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The Talented Trader has 3 prop firm models that caters to every traders needs. The Two step Model or Classic Challenge and No limit challenge requires traders to pass to verification phases or profit target phases to get their funded account credentials, the one step model or 1 step challenge has only one verification or profit target before being funded, the instant funding model gives traders the ability to withdraw instantly on their funded accounts. The price and rules vary for each account size and type of prop trading model respectively. 

Traditional brokerages like eToro, IG Group, Interactive Brokers, Webull, Robinhood Inc allow you to trade and invest in different asset classes for only the capital you’re willing to trade/invest with. With traditional brokerages, you’re also liable to all and any losses in your portfolio, if you lose a $1000, you really did lose a $1000 of capital real-time. But with Prop Trading firms like The Talented Trader you can manage a $200,000 portfolio risking only $999 with their two step no limit challenge model. And once you pass a prop trading firms verification phase and receive a funded account you get refunded the $999 you paid for the $200K portfolio.

It’s as easy as registering on our website, choosing a prop firm model type, and selecting the account size, finally purchase your prop firm account, and place trades immediately.

Just Follow all our social handles, especially twitter and Discord for information on account giveaways. You’ll need to post positive comments on all our socials for us to recognise your loyalty for us to reward you with a free prop trading account.